Task 29
Task 29
SHC Task 29

Solar Crop Drying

Project (Task) Conclusions

  • Solar crop drying can be feasible in many large scale applications.
  • Solarwall panels are capable of supplying heat to drying process as predicted in the feasibility studies


  • Weather and cost data are often difficult to obtain for accurate feasibility studies. - Recommend on site data collection for year prior to design
  • Many existing crop drying facilities are designed, built and operated inefficiently - Before installing a solar drying system, experts should take the time to fully understand all aspects of the candidate facility. This time should include at least one drying season
  • Facility should be upgraded and measures taken to reduce energy waste before solar -
    Commissioning may take a full drying season
  • Engage a local expert
  • Design manual should be prepared in conjunction with on site staff
  • On site staff must be made comfortable with automatic operation
  • Monitoring should be used to help refine operation Commit the necessary resources Consider clustering projects